The Awful Truth: Bush Bowl 2000 Jeb Vs. George

Florida has the honor of leading the nation in the number of people sentenced to death, then later released after either being found innocent or having received an unfair trial (In this contest, Texas is tied for 3rd with Oklahoma).

Jeb’s solution to this problem was to support legislation that limits the appeals death row prisoners have and excutes them within 5 years.

Critics say that, on average, a wrongly – convicted prisoner is on death row for 7 years before new evidence comes to light freeing them.

Jeb stands no hope of winning if he doesn’t have a team. If his death row prisoners keep getting freed for something insignificant like being innocent of the crime which they will die for, then Jeb’s game is over. So this legislation is a key play in catching up to his more successful brother.

We wish you luck Jeb!

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