Protest the execution of Richard Hinojosa

Urge Texas Governor Rick Perry to
Stop the Execution of
Richard Hinojosa
scheduled for Aug 17, 2006

Richard Hinojosa is scheduled for execution on August 17, 2006 for the murder of Terry Wright, whose body was found on May. 10, 1994.

She had been raped and stabbed eleven times. Several days later Richard Hinojosa, who suffered from severe dyslexia was arrested and charged with her murder. The evidence against Hinojosa was circumstantially strong; DNA and a footprint at the crime scene both pointed towards Hinojosa as the murderer. Semen samples taken from Wright’s body were originally compared with DNA from Hinojosa were found to be inconclusive. They were then sent to an outside laboratory where a match was found. One eyewitness testified that she had seen two men and a woman in Wrights apartment the night of the murder. She said it looked like the three were dancing. Another person came forward and testified that early that morning he had seen two men working on a Black Beretta, Wright’s car. The other man was never found; Hinojosa was the only one arrested for involvement in the murder.

Hinojosa’s defense attorney argued that he and Wright had had consensual sex prior to the murder, explaining the presence of his DNA in Ms. Wright. A co-worker of Hinojosa’s testified that he had seen Hinojosa bring Wright to the country club where they worked. The court documents make no mention of rape, just that Hinojosa’s sperm was found inside Ms. Wright.

In addition to sending Gov Perry an email, you can leave him a phone message at: 512-463-2000, fax him at 512-463-1849 (his fax line is often busy, so just keep trying) or write him at: < /span>

Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

You can also contact Governor Perry through his online contact form or sign our online petition

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Urge Governor Perry to Stop the Execution of Richard Hinojosa

TDCJ Info on Richard Hinojosa

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