Penn and Teller explain the Deterrence issue on Bullshit!

Session 4, Episode 3
We understand the feelings of rage felt by crime victims and their families. But – studies show there is no deterrent effect to State executions. And, DNA evidence has exonerated 122 men formerly on death row! If we’re killing inmates to satisfy a primitive emotion, if we can’t be sure the criminal is guilty as charged, and we have ways to keep someone locked up and out of circulation for life and for less cost, why does our government still support the archaic, primitive, cruel and costly BULLSHIT known as the Death Penalty?


Mark Klass
Executive Director, Beyond Missing and Klaas Kids

Ronald Hampton
Executive Director, National Black Police Association

Josh Marquis
Clatsup County Oregon District Attorney

Rick Halperin
Professor, Southern Methodist University

Agnes Heller
Hannah Arendt Professor of Philosophy and Political Science

Alan Gell

Dudley Sharp
Death Penalty Supporter… (more)

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