Innocence Claims of Executed Inmates

Since the reinstatement of the death penalty by the US Supreme Court, Texas has executed 368 people. According to the last statements published on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website[1], at least 28 out of 368 executed inmates claimed that they were innocent at the time of execution. (Please note, however, that about half of the inmates did not state their last words or TDCJ does not have a record of their statement, therefore it is not possible to know the exact number of inmates claiming to be innocent.)
Also many inmates such as Ruben Cantu and Carlos De Luna did not state their innocence in their last statement!

The following people are known to have claimed innocence in their last statement:


Date of Execution

Johnny R Anderson

May 17, 1990

James Smith

June 26, 1990

Leonel Torres Herrera

May 12, 1993

Jesse Dewayne Jacobs

January 4, 1995

Carl Johnson

September 19, 1999

David Wayne Spence

April 3, 1997

Anthony Ray Westley

May 13, 1997

Robert Anthony Madden

May 28, 1997

Eddie James Johnson

June 17, 1997

Frank Basil McFarlan

April 29, 1998

Pedro Cruz Muniz

May 18, 1998

Martin Sauceda Vega

January 26, 1999

Charles Anthony Boyd

August 5, 1999

Billy George Hughes

January 24, 2000

Paul Selso Nuncio

June 15, 2000

Joiner, Orien Cecil

July, 12 2000

Jones, Richard

August 22, 2000

Mack Hill

August 8, 2001

Gerald Tigner

March 7, 2002

Robert Coulson

June 25, 2002

Richard Kutzner

August 7, 2002

Craig Ogan

November 19, 2002

William Chappell

November 20, 2002

Willingham, Cameron Todd

February 17, 2004

Patterson, Kelsey

May 18, 2004

Ramirez, Luis

October 20, 2005

[2] Texas Death Row

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