Former chair of the TDC calls for Moratorium!

Charles Terrell, the former Chair of the Texas Department of Corrections (as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice was formerly named), in a letter to Dallas Morning News has called for a review of cases following the Chicago Tribune’s series on Carlos DeLuna.


Re: “Justice Without Doubt – Questionable death cases call for review,” Sunday Editorials.

This editorial about the death penalty and three questionable executions is a reasonable approach to a difficult subject. I had enough concerns about flaws in the system to have my name taken off the death row prison a few years ago.

Mistakes can occur, but the system is not willing to admit them.

Your recommendation for a commission to review the entire subject is a good one. A moratorium on the death penalty during that process won’t do any harm. The inmates aren’t going anywhere.

Charles T. Terrell, Dallas

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