Court TV: An interview with Richard Hinojosa

Richard Hinojosa was convicted of stabbing his neighbor, then dumping her naked body off a dirt road. With his appeals exhausted, he continues to deny his guilt. In a death row interview with, he spoke about his violent past, his Cherokee heritage, string theory, and his spiritual awakening in prison. The transcript and video clips of the interview is posted in their website.

“I honestly feel that the death penalty, they say it’s a deterrent and everything, if you’re going to use it as a deterrent, it should be done in the public eye. They should do it at a time when children are in school and old enough to see this and televise it, so they can see what the outcome of leading a bad life can come to. “

—Richard Hinojosa


“I’m not proud of some of the things that I’ve done in my childhood. But I had been molested as a child. The person who did that was a close family friend and what they would do is they would put a rag with gasoline on my face and, to, I guess, get me intoxicated off the gas so I wouldn’t remember what was going on. And I think that had a lot to do with my learning disability — the gasoline, you know, and stuff like that. He would feed me beer and stuff. But maybe if I would have been in a better environment my life would have been completely different.”

—Richard Hinojosa

Court TV has more art work by Richard!

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