Breaking News: Execution date set for Hasan Shakur

Hasan Shakur (aka Derrick Frazier)
Execution date set for August 31, 2006

On June 28, 2006, the Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed Hasan Shakur’s claims concerning juror misconduct. Because of this denial a new execution date has been set for August 31, 2006. The court did not believe that the statement from a witness, ‘saying she overheard a female juror saying “he (Mr. Shakur) is dead”, while making a slashing gesture across her neck in the courtroom,’ was true.

The facts and the claims in this case have not changed in any way. The most serious claims are:
-Incompetent trial attorney(s)
-All-white jury
-Forced confession
-Lack of physical evidence
-Questionable indictment
-No mitigation evidence presented in punishment phase
-Jurors and victims’ family had contact during the trial

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