Pizza for the homeless

On Wednesday night Tennessee executed Philip Workman despite his claims of innocence. For his last meal on earth, Philip Workman requested that a vegetable pizza be delivered to Nashville’s homeless shelter. The Department of Corrections refused saying they were too focused on the execution procedures. But hundreds of normal people have stepped in and hundreds of pizzas were served last night to Nashville’s homeless community in Philip Workman’s name. Read news reports on CNN and News Channel 4.

As TCASK’s blog mentions, “last night, the regular citizens of Tennessee stepped up and picked up where the state dropped the ball. And they did it in Philip Workman’s name.” Not only Tennesseans have followed Philip Workman’s request, but Texans are also responding. So far TSADP has collected more than $100 to send Veggie Pizzas to the Austin Homeless community in Workman’s name. This could generate some local media coverage and also bring attention to the human side of the death-row inmates. If you are interested please pitch in a few dollars by going to our donation page. You can donate money with your credit card and y sending us a check.

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