Open a newspaper, turn on a television or radio and you are immediately struck by the violence in every corner of the world. In some counties people are targeted and get executed without adequate representation. In others poor and innocent individuals might languish on death row. Unfortunately, this also happens in the United States.

Whoever you are, wherever you live, there is something you can do to prevent these gross violations of human rights from continuing.

Speak out for human rights. Demand that these violations stop. Make your voice heard by joining Students Against the Death Penalty’s network of activists in high school and college campuses around the nation. You can make a difference!

When you join SADP, you become part of a national movement. As an individual member, or as part of a local high school or college group, your individual voice will join with countless others to build pressure for the abolition of the Death Penalty.

You can join as an individual or if you are part of an organization, your organization can join. If there is not a statewide student organization in your state, then start one or start a local chapter and grow into a statewide group by contacting students on other campuses in your state.