City of Georgetown Statement Concerning Jimmy Fennell Plea

The following is Georgetown’s response to the civil lawsuits filed yesterday by one of Jimmy Fennel’s victims:

The City of Georgetown is shocked and saddened by the events that occurred on October 26, 2007, involving former Sergeant Jimmy Fennell. While no profession is immune from unlawful or unethical conduct from its members, we recognize the badge of the police department as a symbol of public faith and trust and believe our officers should be exemplary in obeying the law as well as the regulations of the police department.

Upon learning of the allegation against Sgt. Fennell, the Georgetown Police
Administration requested that the complaint against the Sergeant be investigated by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers. Sgt. Fennell resigned from the Georgetown Police Department on January 10, 2008.

The City is facing civil litigation arising from the October 26, 2007 incident and is
represented on that matter by Richard South of the law firm of Wright & Greenhill.
Because of the pending litigation, the City of Georgetown and the Police Department will not be making any additional comments and will not be doing on camera interviews.

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Hooman Hedayati

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Shawn Harty

The police department in Williamson County had not made a mistake until Judge Carnes was forced to NOT take the 2 year plea agreement. Then John Bradley had to find a way to get his name out of all of the problems. They then blamed the police department for faulty inveestigation so that they could not try the other charges.

The problem in this county is that John Bradley and the corrupt Judges there need to be removed so that true justice can be served. And they need to take Rodney Reed off death row as we all know that Jimmy Fennel killed Stacey Stiles.

I think this whold DAMN system there is a bunch of gavel yielding rednecks.


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