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Planning Meeting For 10th Annual March Against the Death Penalty in Texas!

Wednesday, July 29th at 7pmCarver Library, Room 4, in AustinThe March to Stop Executions has been held each October since 2000 in cooperation with several Texas and national anti-death penalty organizations. It is a coming together of activists, family members of those on death row, community leaders, exonerated prisoners and all those calling for abolition….read more

Join the Austin CEDP Action for Rob and Michael

AUSTIN, TX: Members of CEDP Austin are headed to the courthouse RIGHT NOW with a banner–to talk to the media, have a presence and demand DROP THE CHARGES NOW! Not doing anything right now? Go and join them. Call to find out where they’re at: 512-417-2241.

Breaking News: Yogurt shop defendants to be released on bail

Finally after 10 years in prison and in a stunning development, Judge Lynch has ordered the Yogurt shop defendants to being released on bail. If you are free please come to the Travis County Court House to welcome Michael Scott and Robert Springsteen. Statesman’s report: State District Judge Mike Lynch this morning ordered yogurt shop…read more

Yogurt Shop Hearing Postponed, Again!

With so many postponed hearings, it looks like that there will not be a new trial anytime soon. Steven Kreytak of the Austin American-Statesman reports: State District Judge Mike Lynch scheduled the hearing last month after lawyers for Robert Springsteen IV asked him to reduce Springsteen’s bail because of recently discovered DNA evidence that defense…read more


Another round of DNA testing and… THE DNA EXONERATES ROB SPRINGSTEEN AND MICHAEL SCOTT! It’s Time for Travis County to Drop the charges in the Yogurt Shop Case! Saturday, January 24 3 pm – Meet at D.A.’s office, 11th and Lavaca March to City Hall 3:45 – Rally at City Hall, 1st and Lavaca. Speakers…read more

New DNA results do not match Yogurt Shop murder suspects

CBS 42 is reporting that according Robert Springsteen and Michael Scott’s defense attorneys, the newly tested DNA evidence proves that someone else committed the 1991 murders at This is Not a Yogurt Shop store in Austin. Evidence taken from the 1991 crime scene where the four teenage girls were murdered was tested recently using a…read more

Why You Should Oppose the Death Penalty!

The System is Broken:Why You Should Oppose the Death Penalty!The capital punishment system is plagued by wrongful convictions. Innocence, racism, lack of adequate defense, mental illness, and numerous crime lab scandals, have all helped to create a system rife with error. In addition, not much is being done to reduce the causes of crime. The…read more