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Execution Watch: Kimberly McCarthy, No. 500?

Juneteenth protesters in Houston invoke McCarthy’s name. HUNTSVILLE, Texas – Kimberly McCarthy, who claims jury selection in her trial was tainted by racism, is on track Wednesday to become the 500th person executed in Texas during the modern era. The total dwarfs that of every other state. The closest, Virgina, has put to death 110….read more

Execution Watch: Ronnie Paul Threadgill 4/16

Ronnie Paul Threadgill HUNTSVILLE – Texas is preparing to carry out its 495th execution of the modern era Tuesday, the date for Ronnie Paul Threadgill. The Lone Star State is fast approaching its 500th execution. No other state is even close. Since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, second-place Virginia has executed…read more