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Terri Been's Phone Call with Sister Helen Prejean

Today, I received the phone call from Sister Helen Prejean that I won from the Texas Moratorium Network raffle. This really was an honor for me, and Sister Helen was as thoughtful and generous as I have heard. When she called, she was actually on her way home from a death row visit in Louisiana….read more

Polunsky visitation with Jeff

Terri Been is sister of death-row inmate Jeff Wood. In this letter she talks about her experience with visiting her brother on death-row and the situation during and after this month’s lock-down. Yesterday’s visit to my brother was bitter sweet to say the least. Overall the visit went well, but it was very emotional and…read more

A plea from Terri Been, Jeff Wood's sister

Hello. My name is Terri Been and I am a Texas republican who is AGAINST the death penalty. I am sorry to say that it was not always this way as I was raised to believe in the death penalty; BUT my views changed over 10 years ago when I was thrust unwillingly into the…read more