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Gov. Ted Strickland Granted Clemency to Jeff Hill

Ohio governor. Ted Strickland granted clemency to Jeff Hill this afternoon. The press release and statement by the Governor’s Office is posted below. Statement Regarding Clemency Application of Jeffrey D. Hill Columbus , Ohio – Governor Ted Strickland today issued the following statement regarding the pending clemency application of Jeffrey D. Hill: “Jeffrey Hill was…read more

Paul House will be released today

This is the great news from Tennessee. According to the Tennessean, Paul House will be released today. TCASK will probably have some more updates soon. Paul Gregory House will celebrate the Fourth of July at home this Friday thanks to an anonymous donor who sent his mother the $10,000 bail needed for his release from…read more

John G Spirko's death sentence commuted to LWOP

Today Tennessee Gov. Ted Strickland commuted death sentence of John G. Spirko to LWOP, short of the clemency request filed by his attorneys. TCASK will probably have some more updates soon. In a statement, the governor said, John Spirko was convicted, by a jury, of a heinous murder. At times, when he wasn’t denying having…read more