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Charging Documents Filed with Review Panel in Sharon Keller's Appeal

The Austin American Statesman reports on the latest news in the ongoing saga of Judge Sharon Keller, who is appealing her sanction of a “Public Warning” for judicial misconduct for her actions on the day of the execution of Michael Richard, when she said “we close at 5”.  You can read the latest charging documents…read more

Prosecution Files Objections to Findings of Special Master in Sharon Keller Case: Says Keller Deserves Punishment

The Austin American-Statesman is reporting that the prosecution, representing the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, has filed a document objecting to the findings issued by the Special Master Judge David Berchelmann. Texas Moratorium Network filed a complain against Sharon Keller in 2007 that was signed by about 1900 people. For more information on the case…read more

Dallas Morning News: "Judge Keller shouldn't get a pass"

Last week, the San Antonio Express-News called for Judge Sharon Keller’s removal from office. Now, the Dallas Morning News has become the second newspaper to call for a harsher punishment than was recommended by the special master Judge David Berchelmann, Jr. On this we agree with a special master’s finding on Texas Court of Criminal…read more

Letter from Ethicists to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct Calling for Sharon Keller's Removal

Ethicists Call for Sharon Keller’s Removal Ethicists Call for Sharon Keller’s Removal Scott Cobb Filed April 20, 2009 with the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct by two dozen of the nation’s leading judicial ethicists. They call for Keller’s removal saying “her egregious misconduct ‘casts public discredit upon the judiciary [and upon the] administration of…read more

Weekend Editorials on Sharon Keller

The Austin American-Statesman‘s editorial says that Sharon Keller should not resign and should stand trial, because “at trial, the sordid events of Sept. 25 would be aired before Texas and the world. Keller’s cold-blooded and process-centered approach to justice would be on vivid display. A trial would expose Keller’s heartless missteps to a fascinated world.”…read more

Texas judge faces public hearing for conduct over 2007 death-penalty appeal

That’s Diane Jennings latest article at the Dallas Morning News. You can read the notice of formal proceedings here. The top judge of Texas’ highest criminal court was told Thursday that she’ll have to publicly defend her 2007 decision to close the court at 5 p.m. rather than allow a last-minute appeal in the case…read more