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2008 Alternative Spring Break Schedule

Below is the schedule for 2008. There may still be some slight changes. Go to TSADP blog for daily spring break blogs by participants. Monday, March 10 Before 2 PM Housing check-in for people who have signed up for housing. We have rented several hotel rooms. We will let you know the locations of the…read more

George White at Texas Capitol

In the following days I will post a series of videos that includes speeches given by exonerated death-row inmates, murder victim family members, public officials and anti-death penalty activists. The following is a short video of George White talking during the Lobby day of 2007 Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break in Ausin, Texas. This October…read more

Shooting, Borris Miles style!

Earlier this year Rep. Borris Miles, D-Houston removed a few art pieces from the Death Penalty Art Show without permission from the State Preservation Board, because he found them to be offensive toward African Americans and Christians. Houston Chronicle is now reporting that Borris Miles used a pistol and shot one of the two men…read more

The Queque

Dave Mass of the San Antonio Current was one of our guest speakers at the Media training workshop, during the 2007 Anti-Death Penalty Spring Break. You can read more on his talk at their new blog Chisme Libre. The other speaker was Pedro de la Torre III, Associate Manager of Organizing and Outreach for Campus…read more

MTV TRL update

The 2007 Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break is going to be on MTV ‘s TRLtoday at 4:19 pm (3:19 central) and then a longer version is going to be aired onMTV’s “The Amazing Break” on March 24, Sunday at 8 AM Eastern (7 AM Central) withrepeats to follow on other dates. Also here is a…read more

Former inmates speak out against death penalty

By JIM BERGAMOKVUE NewsTuesday, March 13, 2007 Former death row inmates spoke out against the death penalty Tuesday as part of the ‘Day of Innocence” rally outside the State Capitol. Protesters say not only should Texas do away with the death penalty, but it should not be expanded to include repeat child sex offenders who…read more

Students spend spring break opposing death penalty

3/17/2007By: News 8 Austin Staff Most think spring break is a time for relaxation. But instead of the usual R&R, a few teenagers came to Austin for the week to learn about the death penalty. The Texas Students Against the Death Penalty sponsored the event as their alternative spring break. One student was on the…read more

2007 Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break

The 2007 Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break sponsored by Texas Students Against the Death Penalty, Campus Progress, Texas Moratorium Network, the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Campus Progress, Equal Justice USA, Amnesty International, the ACLU, the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Resist, INC Foundation ,…read more