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Musician Lucinda Williams' PSA on Why David Powell Should Not be Executed

Here is a link to a new David Powell PSA by the American folk and country singer and songwriter Lucinda Williams. For more information, visit Click here to send an email to Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg urging her to ask the judge to withdraw the June 15 execution date for David Powell.

Think twice about Lehmberg

Published by The Daily Texan Imagine that an 11-year-old girl who has no violent history gets arrested, charged with capital murder and is hidden from her parents for four days. During that period, the interrogators question her for hours without break and with no lawyer present until she finally signs a false statement that she…read more


ROSEMARY LEHMBERG – A TALE OF TWO CHILDRENby Barbara A. Taft, President People of the Heart Gary Cobb, one of the perpetrators of the travesty launched against an innocent child, LaCresha Murray, in 1996, has been eliminated from the race for District Attorney. Rosemary Lehmberg, however, still holds a smoking gun. In the interest of…read more

DA Race: Contenders weigh in on death penalty

2:50 PM | News 8 Austin | DA Race: Contenders weigh in on death penalty By: Paul Brown Q: In the past, Travis County has been reluctant to pursue the death penaltyin capital cases. Under your leadership, how will the DA’s office approach thedeath penalty? Rosemary Lehmberg: We seldom seek the death penalty in Travis…read more