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Texas Panel Rejects Plea to Halt Execution of Accomplice in 1996 Murder

The New York Times is reporting that Governor Perry “hasn’t made a decision” on whether to grant a 30 day stay of execution for Jeff Wood. So, please call his office and urge him to issue a stay. Please call the Governor of Texas at 512-463-2000 Office of the Governor Fax: (512) 463-1849 Tell the…read more

Texas executed Jose Medellin

Texas executed Jose Medellin tonight despite the International Court of Justice order to halt the executions. Here is the NYT article on the execution: HOUSTON — In a case that has drawn international attention, Texas executed José E. Medellín on Tuesday night in defiance of an international court ruling and despite pleas from the Bush…read more

Justice Stevens renounces death penalty

Justice John Paul Stevens who in 1976 announced an opinion allowing resumption of the death penalty, has now turned against the death penalty making him the only abolitionist person in the court. Here is NYT’s article about this issue. By LINDA GREENHOUSE WASHINGTON — When Justice John Paul Stevens intervened in a Supreme Court argument…read more

NY Times: A Pause From Death

Thats the title of New York Times recent editorial about the death penalty. The United Nations General Assembly voted on Tuesday for a global moratorium on the death penalty. The resolution was nonbinding; its symbolic weight made barely a ripple in the news ocean of the United States, where governments’ right to kill a killer…read more

NYT: National Group with 13,000 Lawyers Files Complaint Against Sharon Keller

The New York Times is reporting today that on Wednesday, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, with 13,000 members nationwide, said it had just sent a complaint against Judge Keller to the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct, the first judicial complaint the group had ever filed, said its president, Carmen D. Hernandez, of Washington….read more

Texas Planning New Execution Despite Ruling

Thats the title of Ralph Blumenthal’s article at The New York Times about the lethal injection developments. HOUSTON, Sept. 28 — A day after the United States Supreme Court halted an execution in Texas at the last minute, Texas officials made clear on Friday that they would nonetheless proceed with more executions in coming months,…read more

Not the Killer, but Still Facing a Date With the Executioner

Thats the title of Ralph Blumenthal’s article on NY Times. HOUSTON, Aug. 29 — Kenneth Foster has a date on Thursday with the executioner’s needle. Not for killing anyone himself, but for what he was doing — and might have been thinking — the night in 1996 when he was 19 and a sidekick gunned…read more