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Early Dallas Exoneree Randall Dale Adams died in Ohio Last Year

Randall Dale Adams in 2001 Calling for a Moratorium onExecutions in Texas. Early Dallas exoneree Randall Dale Adams died in Ohio last year. Jenna, an intern with the Texas Witness to Innocence was working with me on the case of  Randall Dale Adams last month and noticed that has listed him as passed away…read more

NYT Editorial: Co-Victims Against the Death Penalty

The following is last Friday’s NYT editorial in support of the death penalty abolition in Connecticut. As the country has increasingly turned against capital punishment as barbaric and horrifyingly prone to legal abuses, defenders are pointing to the emotional needs of the families of murder victims — “co-victims” to those who study crime — as…read more

Nicholas Kristof on Kevin Cooper: Framed for Murder?

The following is a piece in support of California death-row inmate Kevin Cooper, by the New York Times Op-Ed columnist Nicholas Kristof. “California may be about to execute an innocent man.” That’s the view of five federal judges in a case involving Kevin Cooper, a black man in California who faces lethal injection next year…read more

News Coverage of Today's Court of Inquiry in Todd Willingham Case

News reports of today’s Court of Inquiry hearing in Todd Willingham innocence case. The New York Times reports in Family’s Effort to Clear Name Frames Debate on Executions: But they also say that the hearing is more than symbolic — it could cast in a new light the Lone Star State’s record on executions. And…read more

NYT: An Unfit Judge

That’s the title of New York Times‘ Friday editorial calling for the removal of Judge Sharon Keller. Judge Sharon Keller, the Texas appellate court judge who closed the clerk’s office before a death row inmate could file a last-minute appeal, is fighting to keep her job. At a hearing on Wednesday, she said in a…read more

Judge Sharon Keller Trial: Lesson for Activists

The following article was in today’s New York Times. It is significant that this reprehensible, pro-prosecution judge, who has done so much more than kill Michael Richard by “closing at 5:00,” is now a defendant. It is important for all of us who are activists to recognize the role we play in bringing down capital…read more

Shrinking Newsrooms Hurts Abolitionist Movement

“Opponents of the death penalty looking to exonerate wrongly accused prisoners say their efforts have been hobbled by the dwindling size of America’s newsrooms, and particularly the disappearance of investigative reporting at many regional papers,” the New York Times reports. In the past, lawyers opposed to the death penalty often provided the broad outlines of…read more

New York Times Editorial: Investigating Judge Keller

February 19, 2009New York TimesEDITORIALInvestigating Judge Keller Sharon Keller, a Texas appellate court judge, made headlines in 2007 when she was reported to have ordered the court clerk’s office to close promptly at 5 p.m., preventing a death-row inmate from filing an emergency appeal. The inmate was executed. A Texas legislator is now trying to…read more

Bob Herbert: What’s the Rush?

Bob Herbert, New York Times’ Op-Ed columnist has published a great column about Troy Davis: Go to Columnist Page » Troy Davis, who was convicted of shooting a police officer to death in the parking lot of a Burger King in Savannah, Ga., is scheduled to be executed on Tuesday. There is some question as…read more