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Pastor: Stop executions

In offering Monday’s prayer in the House, the Rev. Michael Piazza of Dallas used the podium to back a moratorium on the death penalty. Just briefly. Before starting his prayer, Piazza, pastor of the Cathedral of Hope church, noted that more than 1,000 members of his congregation had signed a petition seeking a moratorium and…read more

DMN editorial: Death penalty moratorium needed

That’s the title of Dec 29 editorial by Dallas Morning News calling for a death penalty moratorium in Texas. Last year DMN changed it’s century old support of the capital punishment and called for the abolition of the death penalty in Texas. The year draws to a close with Texas in its familiar No. 1…read more

5,000,000 signatures for moratorium collected

The community of Sant’Egidio and the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty have collected five millions signatures from around the world calling for a moratorium on executions. According to their press release, A delegation of anti-death penalty activists from around the world will meet with the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Srgian…read more

EU urges Texas to halt executions

08/21/2007Associated Press The European Union on Tuesday urged the governor of Texas to halt executions and introduce a moratorium on capital punishment in the United States’ busiest death penalty state. In an unusual direct appeal, the EU said Texas Gov. Rick Perry must “exercise all powers vested in his office” to halt the impending 400th…read more

Moratorium Now!

If you live in Texas, please contact your state senator and state representative and ask them to support a moratorium on executions. You can use our automatic email system (only for Texas residents), or you can find out who your Texas representatives are, and write them from their own websites or call them on the…read more