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2010 Death Penalty Expansion Bills Defeated in Maryland

Say thanks to legislators who voted against 2010 expansion bills! Momentum against the death penalty continued into the 2010 legislative session as ALL bills to expand Maryland’s law were rejected in committees in both houses by wide margins. Two House bills and one Senate bill were voted down on March 18 and 19, respectively.  Indicative…read more

Maryland's Death Penalty in its Final Throes

For those who haven’t been following the death penalty situation in Maryland, it’s a little complicated when you go into all the political players and dynamics, but the basic story is that the catholic, Democratic Mayor of Baltimore turned governor, Martin O’Malley, has decided to make repeal a key part of his legacy at a…read more

Panel recommends abolishing death penalty in Md.

A state commission has voted to recommend abolishing the death penalty in Maryland. The Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment voted 13-7 to make the recommendation in its report to lawmakers and the governor next month. The vote came after the failure of a proposed amendment to keep the death penalty for people who kill correctional…read more

Watch the Birds beat Texas with MD CASE

As anti-death penalty activists, we can easily admit that it is very hard to beat the death penalty in Texas. But with the upcoming death penalty hearing in Annapolis, we might have a chance to beat the death penalty in Maryland. Click here to buy tickets!

Maryland State Police spied on Campaign to end the Death Penalty

American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland through a lawsuit has obtained 46 pages of documents from the Maryland State Police, revealing how undercover police officers infiltrated local anti-death penalty and anti-war groups. You can watch the video coverage at WBALTV’s website. According to Washington Post, Maryland State Police officers conducted surveillance on local peace activists…read more

Maryland vs. Texas

Kudos to Gov. O’Malley of Maryland and shame on Rep. Aaron Pena and the Texas House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence While Texas republicans debated expanding the death penalty to repeat child molesters, the Maryland governor, Martin O’Malley testified in support of the Death penalty Abolition bill. According to the Washington Post: The issue, one of…read more