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Did Chuck Rosenthal hide evidence?

Check out the following AP article and keep the following in mind: Chuck Rosenthal is guilty of hiding evidence when he prosecuted Ronnie E. Johnson for capital murder back in 1994. Six weeks before his execution, Lonnie‚Äôs lawyer and private investigator found missing evidence contained within police reports at the Harris County District Atorney’s office…read more

Lonnie Earl Johnson Foundation

PRESS RELEASE Lonnie Johnson was unlawfully executed on July 24, 2007 for killing two teenage boys on August 15, 1990. Six weeks prior to his death, his defense team found police reports hidden in Mr. Johnson’s prosecuting attorney’s file at the District Attorney’s office. The prosecuting attorney was then assistant District Attorney, Chuck Rosenthal. The…read more

Lonnie Johnson 100th Harris county execution

Tuesday night Texas executed Lonnie Johnson, who became the 100th person executed from Harris County. Texas Moratorium blog has more details on Lonnie Johnson’s case. According to Houston Chronicle, The Tomball murders occurred during a racially charged summer as a campaign in neighboring Montgomery County to free Clarence Brandley from death row moved toward success….read more

Countdown to 400 // Harris Co. 100

Impending Texas Execution List: Name Date Texas # since 1982 # under Gov. Perry Gilberto Reyes June 21 396 157Patrick Knight June 26 397 158Rolando Ruiz July 10 398 159Lonnie Johnson July 24 399 160Kenneth Parr August 15 400 161Johnny Conner August 22 401 162Daroyce Mosley August 28 402 163John Amador August 29 403 164Kenneth…read more