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Houston Chronicle: Timely judgment

Thats the title of Houston Chronicle’s editorial regarding Gov. Rick Perry’s decision to commute Kenneth Foster’s death sentence. The interesting fact is that Houston Chronicle was the only major paper in Texas that did not take a stance on Kenneth Foster, before his scheduled execution date of Aug 30, 2007. From his cell on death…read more

Meet Kenneth Foster (Alive!)

I sit here stunned: a goofy smile on my face, a tear on my cheek. This must be what victory feels like. Forgive me if I’m not familiar with its near-narcotic euphoria. For folks who haven’t heard, Kenneth Foster’s death sentence was struck down yesterday by Texas Gov. Rick Perry after a 6-1 recommendation by…read more

Kenneth Foster in the spotlight

Apparently Al-Jazeera is interested in Kenneth Foster’s case and are planning to send their crews to Texas. London’s Independent and LA Times also have some interesting articles. Capitolannex also weights in the United Methodist Church’s doctrine against the death penalty. Very interesting that both Governor Perry and his fellow congregants can so easily look over…read more

An Archbishop Speaks Out on Kenneth Foster's Case

Roman Catholic Archbishop Daniel N. DiNardo has called for Kenneth Foster’s death sentence to be commuted. An excerpt: On behalf of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, I urge you to recommend clemency for Kenneth Foster who is scheduled to be executed on August 30, 2007.Although Mr. Foster did not murder, intend to murder, or know that…read more

Tomorrow's Execution

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Huntsville, Texas protesting the state murder of Kenneth Foster. I will try to do some audio blogging during the day, including some interviews with the protesters and Kenneth’s family members. Just come back to this blog for updates. By this weekend I will have some video footage of the…read more