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on execution of Joseph Nichols…

by Charles “Chucky” Mamou I’m standing on my folded mattress peeking through the thin frame window that is located on the back of my cell’s wall. Beyond layers upon layers of gated fences, razor wires, and look-out towers, it seems so peaceful, so radiant, and for a split second, I wish I could have been…read more

Trial in error

Why Joseph Nichols’ execution must be stopped The state’s flip-flops on testimony have made a mockery of the system By ANDREW LUBETKIN Capital punishment is always a controversial issue. A fair trial should not be. Joseph Nichols’ execution should be halted. The murder of Claude Shaffer Jr. at Joseph’s Delicatessen near downtown Houston on Oct….read more

Act today to stop the execution of Joseph Nichols

On Wednesday, Joseph Nichols is scheduled to be executed in Texas for firing the single bullet that killed Claude Shaffer in 1980, despite the fact that the state has already executed another man, Willie Williams, for firing that same bullet. Williams pleaded guilty to the crime, admitted firing the bullet, and was sentenced to death….read more

Stop Execution of Joseph Nichols

By Nancy L. Bailey, TCADP board member Joseph Nichols is scheduled for execution by the State of Texas on March 7, 2007. His only hope is that the Parole Board and Governor’s office grant him clemency. In 1980, Joseph Nichols and Willie Williams were convicted of capital murder for the death of Claude Schaffer. Joseph…read more