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Graves: "I'm tired of the state kicking me."

By HARVEY RICEHOUSTON CHRONICLE GALVESTON — To Anthony Graves, the loss of a $250 speaking fee seemed like the final indignity heaped upon him by the state of Texas. Graves spent 18 years behind bars, 12 of them on death row, for a crime that prosecutors now say he didn’t do. After he was freed…read more

Claude Jones Case: Video of Executed Man's Son and Former Texas Governor Mark White speaking about DNA tests that show Jones may have not been guilty

Watch at Houston Chronicle. From For over two decades, the hair was stored in a plastic evidence bag in the courthouse in Coldspring, Texas, cataloged as belonging to Claude Jones, who was convicted of murder in 1990 and executed 10 years later. Now, it can be relabeled: a court-ordered DNA test found Thursday that…read more

Good news from Texas: Anthony Graves Ordered Free From Texas' Death Row

It was just announced that Anthony Graves, an African American man wrongfully sent to death row in 1994, despite the actual killer admitting that Anthony had no role in the murders he committed.  Thanks to students at the University of St. Thomas in Houston and their professor Nicole Casarez, working and uncovering evidence, the 5th…read more

Texas Executed 453rd Person Since 1982; 214th Under Governor Rick Perry

Texas executed its 453rd person since 1982 and the 214th person since Governor Rick Perry took office in 2000. The next Texas execution is April 27 when Samuel Bustamante is set to die. From the Houston Chronicle: A Texas inmate convicted of fatally shooting an El Paso high school senior after robbing and sexually assaulting her…read more

Houston Chronicle: Texas in Sleazy Clique that Continues Using Death Penalty

The Houston Chronicle editorial board has been critical of the death penalty before and has published editorials that seemed to be moving the position of the paper closer to supporting abolishing the death penalty, but they still have not yet came out clearly for ending the death penalty. Today’s editorial is another one in which…read more

More on How John Bradley Violated Texas Open Meetings Act at TFSC Meeting

Rick Casey of the Houston Chronicle had a column yesterday on how Rick Perry’s handpicked puppet/chair of the Texas Forensic Science Commission violated the Texas Open Meetings Act (PDF) at Friday’s meeting, which was held in Harlingen. The Dallas Morning News’ Trailblazer blog first reported on Bradley’s violation of the TOMA. Bradley should be removed…read more

Contact Governor Perry to Urge Clemency for Khristian Oliver, Whose Jury Consulted the Bible During Deliberations on Death Penalty

From 2008 5th Circuit ruling on Khristian Oliver: The jury’s use of the Bible during the sentencing phase of Oliver’s trial amounted to an improper external influence on the jury’s deliberations. However, Oliver has failed to rebut the state court’s factual finding that the Bible did not prejudice the jury’s decision. Therefore, we AFFIRM the…read more