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Kerr execution to involve first TX use of pentobarbital

                                                     Cary Kerr has maintained his innocence By Elizabeth Ann SteinProducer, Execution Watch Texas plans to put to death Cary Kerr Tuesday with a lethal-injection formula that would mark the first use of the barbiturate pentobarbital by the nation’s busiest executioners.   Unless there is a stay, Execution Watch will broadcast coverage and commentary, beginning…read more

Bob Ray Sanders on the 200th Execution Under Rick Perry

Bob Ray Sanders devotes his Sunday column to the 200th execution under Governor Rick Perry. Here are a few excerpts: Last Tuesday, as the state of Texas prepared to execute Terry Lee Hankins, people gathered in several U.S. cities and on two continents to mark a milestone in Rick Perry’s tenure as governor. Hankins, by…read more

Star-Telegram interview with Dallas DA Craig Watkins

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins created a conviction integrity unit. He invited law students into his office to help probe for wrongful convictions. And there is at least one other way Watkins differs from most other prosecutors: He is personally opposed to capital punishment. In recent interviews, Watkins discussed those feelings and how he…read more

Sanders: Another troubling Dallas case

Thats the title of Bob Ray Sander’s column in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram against the execution of Carlton Akee Turner. The case of Carlton Akee Turner, who is scheduled for the Texas death chamber Thursday evening, presents the state and its noble citizens a whole set of conundrums: What really should be done with troubled…read more

Jester Leroy's execution stayed

Fort Worth Star-Telegram has the earliest update on the case. BY TIM MADIGAN A state judge in Sherman has postponed the July 22 execution date of Lester Leroy Bower Jr. and plans to hold hearings that could involve the Arlington man’s claims of innocence. Bower’s stay of execution, signed late Monday by Judge Jim Fallon,…read more

Hello? Hello?! Criminal justice

Fort Worth Star-Telegram has another editorial bashing Judge Sharon Keller’s action. About 1200 people have signed the judicial complaint against Keller. Sign it here. During Presiding Judge Sharon Keller’s tenure, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has been derided for seeing no harm when lawyers commit obvious errors. In its zeal to uphold convictions come…read more

Things to remember about executions

Thats title of Bob Ray Sander’s great column on Fort Worth Star-Telegram about Court of Criminal Appeals, Judge Sharon Keller. Remember the names Michael Richard and Carlton Turner. One is dead; one is alive. Both had been given the death penalty in Texas and were scheduled to die within two days of each other last…read more

Star-Telegram and Express-News

“No Needle” is title of another Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial against execution of Kenneth Foster. Although his statement could have been phrased a tad more gently, Gov. Rick Perry was on target when he informed the European Union that Texans aren’t too concerned about what Europeans think when it comes to his state’s use of…read more

Are words dangerous?

Thats the title of Dave Zirin’s great column on last Sunday’s Star-Telegram: By DAVE ZIRINSpecial to the Star-Telegram Who knew sports history could strike fear in the most fearsome prison system in the United States? But what other explanation could there be for the fact that the history of “America’s Pastime” is being denied to…read more

'I shouldn't have to abandon my humanity, my dignity'

Thats the title of Bob Ray Sander’s second column in Fort Worth Star-Telegram. What started with a group of dedicated activists and a rally in Austin is growing into a national movement as mainstream media picks up his case and local editorial boards take stands. The Board of Pardons and Parole is definitely taking notice…read more