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Execution Watch: Jefferey Williams, May 15

Jefferey D. Williams HUNTSVILLE, Texas – The Lone Star State is set to draw closer Wednesday to the ignoble distinction of having put to death 500 people in the modern era of the death penalty, far more than any other state.    Texas plans to kill Jefferey D. Williams, whose execution would be No. 498….read more

Execution Watch: Hernandez 11/14, Hughes 11/15

Ramon Hernandez                                        Preston Hughes HUNTSVILLE, Tex. — Texas has chosen the week before Thanksgiving to execute two men back-to-back. Execution Watch will provide coverage Wednesday if the state follows through with its plan to put Ramon Hernandez…read more

Execution Watch: Milton Mathis

Milton Mathis’s execution is set for Tuesday     By Elizabeth Ann Stein, Producer, Execution Watch HUNTSVILLE, Texas — When he arrived in prison, Milton Mathis scored 62 on an IQ test, well below the threshold of 70 that is a widely accepted indication of retardation.   The Supreme Court has banned as cruel and…read more

Larry Wooten to die despite retardation claim

Larry Wooten By Elizabeth SteinProducer, Execution Watch HUNTSVILLE, Texas — The state will end a more than two-month hiatus in executions Thursday by putting to death Larry Wooten of Paris, Texas, whose claim of mental retardation was credible enough for the state Court of Criminal Appeals to grant him a retrial. Execution Watch  will broadcast…read more

Execution Watch: Peter Cantu, Aug. 17

Peter Cantu By Elizabeth Stein Producer, Execution Watch Texas plans to kill Peter Cantu Tuesday by lethal injection — the 16th execution this year in the nation’s busiest death chamber. Execution Watch will provide live reports from outside the building, along with a discussion of the issues and an interview with the author of Capital…read more

Two days, two executions, this is Texas

Michael Perry, slated for execution July 1 By Elizabeth SteinProducer, Execution Watch Texas is scheduled this week to execute two people in as many days, solidifying its reputation as death penalty capital of the Western world. Execution Watch will broadcast during each one RADIO PROGRAM PREVIEW EXECUTION WATCHJune 30, 2010, Wed., 6-7 pm Central TimeListen on…read more

Execution Watch: David Powell faces death Tuesday

     David Lee Powell By Elizabeth SteinProducer, Execution Watch Many Texas prison employees were not born yet in 1978 when David Powell arrived on death row; few of them could imagine the international network of support he has developed since then. But they’ll work to carry out his death sentence Tuesday, when Powell is slated…read more

Execution Watch: George Jones faces lethal injection Wednesday

By Elizabeth Stein Producer, Execution Watch Texas plans to execute George Jones by lethal injection Wednesday. Execution Watch will broadcast details, plus an interview with Scott Christianson, author of The Last Gasp: The Rise and Fall of the American Gas Chamber. RADIO SHOW PREVIEW: EXECUTION WATCH June 2, 2010, Wed., 6-7 pm Central Time Listen…read more

Tuesday targeted for 11th Texas execution in 2010

   John Alba with one of his nine grandchildren, in the death row visiting area of the Polunsky  prison unit, Livingston, Texas. By Elizabeth Stein, ProducerExecution Watch, KPFT FM Houston Texas plans Tuesday make John Alba the 11th man executed in 2010 in the Lone Star State, putting it on track to carry out half…read more

People Scheduled to be Executed in Texas

Legal Lynching Date + No. for TX Last Name First Name TDCJ Number Date of Birth Race County 06/03/2008 – Tuesday — #406 Sonnier Derrick 999054 10/26/1967 B Harris 06/11/2008 – Wednesday #407 Chamberlain Karl 999241 06/20/1970 W Dallas 06/17/2008 – Tuesday — #408 Hood Charles 000982 08/20/1969 W Collin 07/10/2008 –Thursday — #409 Turner…read more