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Execution Watch: Jesse Hernandez, Wednesday

Jesse Hernandez The state that carries out more executions than any other plans to put to death Jessie Hernandez Wednesday. The state killing will be covered live on Execution Watch, KPFT FM 90.1 Houston. Unless a stay is issued, the show will broadcast from 6 to 7 p.m., Central Time, streaming at: > Listen….read more


Keith Thurmond By Execution WatchKPFT FM 90.1 Houston HUNTSVILLE, Texas — The busiest death chamber in the industrialized West is preparing to put the 480th notch in its belt since the U.S. Supreme Court reopened the gates to the death penalty in 1976. Keith Thurmond’s attorney missed a filing deadline, causing Thurmond to lose his…read more

Back-to-back executions loom in Texas

Cleve “Sarge” Foster, top, and Lawrence Brewer By Elizabeth SteinProducer, Execution Watch Sarge Foster has cheated death for the third time this year. A spokesman for the U.S. Supreme Court said this afternoon that Foster was granted a stay of execution pending a hearing on his petition for a Writ of Certiorari — a request…read more

Execution Watch: Humberto Leal, Jr.

Humberto Leal, Jr., gets visit from anti-death penalty activist Germain Corbin. By Elizabeth SteinProducer, Execution Watch Texas plans to execute a man tomorrow who’s at the eye of an international political storm. Humberto Leal, Jr., wasn’t given consular access at his arrest, as guaranteed in the Vienna Treaty on Consular Relations. Gov. Rick Perry is…read more

Execution Watch: Milton Mathis

Milton Mathis’s execution is set for Tuesday     By Elizabeth Ann Stein, Producer, Execution Watch HUNTSVILLE, Texas — When he arrived in prison, Milton Mathis scored 62 on an IQ test, well below the threshold of 70 that is a widely accepted indication of retardation.   The Supreme Court has banned as cruel and…read more

Execution Watch: Gayland Bradford

Gayland Bradford By Elizabeth Ann SteinProducer, Execution Watch (HUNTSVILLE, Tex.) — Texas is preparing to put to death Gayland Bradford Wednesday in what is slated to be the first of four executions in Texas during June. Execution Watch will provide live radio coverage and analysis. Unless  Bradford receives a last-minute stay, the program will air…read more

Execution Watch: April 5, 2011 Cleve "Sarge" Foster

Texas is gearing up for the execution Tuesday of U.S. Army veteran Cleve “Sarge” Foster, even as court challenges continue. Foster’s lawyers are questioning the type of execution drug to be used, as well as the way the state acquires such drugs. Unless a stay is granted, Foster will be put to death April 5,…read more

Execution Watch: Timothy Adams

RADIO PROGRAM PREVIEW   EXECUTION WATCHFeb. 22, 2011, Tuesday, 6-7 PM CT Listen in Houston: KPFT 90.1 FM LIsten worldwide: > “Listen,” or > HD1 TEXAS PLANS TO EXECUTE:   TIMOTHY ADAMS, 42, condemned in the 2002 shooting death of his infant son in Houston following a standoff with police after his wife threatened to divorce him. A jury…read more

Execution Watch: Texas Budget Crisis Won't Stop Executions

By Elizabeth Stein Producer, Execution Watch Texas is contemplating slashing vital services to its most vulnerable citizens to close a budget gap estimated at up to $27 billion, but it still plans to go through Tuesday with an execution that represents an expenditure of $2.3 million above what it would have cost to imprison Michael Wayne Hall…read more

Larry Wooten to die despite retardation claim

Larry Wooten By Elizabeth SteinProducer, Execution Watch HUNTSVILLE, Texas — The state will end a more than two-month hiatus in executions Thursday by putting to death Larry Wooten of Paris, Texas, whose claim of mental retardation was credible enough for the state Court of Criminal Appeals to grant him a retrial. Execution Watch  will broadcast…read more