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Texas: Summer Execution Countdown

Good grief!!! This looks like a crisis for Texas. There are now 12 people, a full dozen, that have been given execution dates for this year.  And it is only June. We hope that all of them can get a stay, but the reality is that most will not. Lawyers have told us that there…read more

Pending U.S. Executions

2009 November17th ~ Larry Bill Elliott (Virginia) 17th ~ Gerald Eldridge (Texas) 18th ~ Danielle Simpson (Texas) – Volunteer 19th ~ Robert Thompson (Texas) December 2nd ~ Cecil Johnson, Jr. ( Tennessee) 3rd ~ Bobby Woods (Texas) 8th ~ Kenneth Biros (Ohio) STAY RECEIVED!!!Kenneth Biros receives an indefinite stay from the U.S. District Court. Mr…read more

Countdown to USA's 1000th Execution by Lethal Injection

Pending U.S. Executions (as of 7/17/09) July 21 Marvallous Keene Ohio 1000 23 Roderick Newton Texas 1001 August 7 Kenneth Baumruk Missouri 1002 18 Jason Getsy Ohio 1003 20 David Wood Texas 1004 September 15 Romell Broom Ohio 1005 16 Stephen Moody Texas 1006 22 Christopher Coleman Texas 1007 24 Kenneth Mosley Texas 1008 30…read more

Seven Scheduled Executions in Texas in January

Curtis Moore January 14TDCJ Info on Curtis Moore Jose Garcia Briseno Jan 15 TDCJ Info on Jose Garcia Briseno Frank Moore Jan 21 TDCJ Info on Frank Moore Reginald Perkins Jan 22 TDCJ Info on Reginald PerkinsClemency for Reginald W. Perkins Petition More than 16,500 have signed! Facebook Group Larry Ray Swearingen Jan 27 Larry…read more

New Execution Dates

TEXAS: Rogelio Cannady has been given a Nov. 6 execution date, and Eric Catheyhas been given an execution date of Nov. 18; they should both beconsidered serious. (sources: TDCJ & Rick Halperin) ***************************** Impending Texas execution schedule # since 1982 # under Perry August 21 Jeff Wood 414 175 Sept. 9 Gregory Wright 415 176…read more

TEXAS—-countdown to 400

Impending Texas Execution List: Name Date Texas # since 1982 # under Gov. Perry Kenneth Parr August 15 399 160 Johnny Conner August 22 400 161 Daroyce Mosley August 28 401 162 John Amador August 29 402 163 Kenneth Foster August 30 403 164 Tony Roach September 5 404 165 Joseph Lave September 13 405…read more