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NY Times: A Pause From Death

Thats the title of New York Times recent editorial about the death penalty. The United Nations General Assembly voted on Tuesday for a global moratorium on the death penalty. The resolution was nonbinding; its symbolic weight made barely a ripple in the news ocean of the United States, where governments’ right to kill a killer…read more

Backward Texas law may make man pay with life for deed he didn't do

Thats the title of Austin American-Statesman‘s editorial against execution of Kenneth Foster. Kenneth Foster didn’t commit murder. But that won’t stop the State of Texas from executing the Austin native Aug. 30. It was Mauriceo Brown who shot and killed Michael LaHood in San Antonio 12 years ago — not Foster. Even the prosecution agrees…read more

Dallas Morning News calls for ABOLITION

After 100 years supporting the death penalty, today the conservative Dallas morning News called for an end to Texas’ death penalty system. According to their editorial, Death no more: It’s time to end capital punishment: And that uncomfortable truth [the execution of innocent] has led this editorial board to re-examine its century-old stance on the…read more