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Think twice about Lehmberg

Published by The Daily Texan Imagine that an 11-year-old girl who has no violent history gets arrested, charged with capital murder and is hidden from her parents for four days. During that period, the interrogators question her for hours without break and with no lawyer present until she finally signs a false statement that she…read more


ROSEMARY LEHMBERG – A TALE OF TWO CHILDRENby Barbara A. Taft, President People of the Heart Gary Cobb, one of the perpetrators of the travesty launched against an innocent child, LaCresha Murray, in 1996, has been eliminated from the race for District Attorney. Rosemary Lehmberg, however, still holds a smoking gun. In the interest of…read more

What sets Rick Reed apart…

Rick Reed has the smarter, more progressive stance on the issue of capital punishment… No doubt about it … heinous, horrific crimes occasionally take place in Travis County. When they do, Rick Reed understands and respects the pain felt by the victims’ friends and family members. But Rick Reed also believes the procedure of strapping…read more

Rick Reed best choice for district attorney

Published by The Daily TexanBy Hooman Hedayati On March 4, Travis County residents will vote for a new district attorney. Ronnie Earle, the current district attorney, announced last year that he is planning to retire after more than 30 years in office. Four of Earle’s assistant district attorneys, Rosemary Lehmberg, Rick Reed, Gary Cobb and…read more

Peter Rothberg of The Nation endorses Rick Reed

Rick Reed has been getting several endorsements in the last week. Today Peter Rothberg of The Nation magazine announced his support of Rick Reed in his blog and invited the readers to support his campaign. Hillary Clinton has staked her campaign on winning the Democratic primaries in Texas on March 4. But there’s even more…read more

Daily Texan endorses Rick Reed

On Wednesday the Daily Texan endorsed Rick Reed for the Travis County District Attorney. Here is what they had to say about him. Since Ronnie Earle has decided not to seek re-election after holding the seat for 31 years, a new district attorney is something many Travis County voters will see for the first time…read more

DA Race: Contenders weigh in on death penalty

2:50 PM | News 8 Austin | DA Race: Contenders weigh in on death penalty By: Paul Brown Q: In the past, Travis County has been reluctant to pursue the death penaltyin capital cases. Under your leadership, how will the DA’s office approach thedeath penalty? Rosemary Lehmberg: We seldom seek the death penalty in Travis…read more

Video: ACLU/TMN Panel with Travis County District Attorney Candidates

During this 90-minute forum sponsored by Texas Moratorium Network and ACLU-TX, candidates went on record on a range of important issues, including the death penalty, police misconduct, political corruption, juvenile justice, drug laws and other issues. During one segment of the forum, attendees were given the opportunity to pose their own questions to the candidates.

DA candidate Rick Reed opposes the death penalty

I was at a panel last night sponsored by TMN and ACLU-TX with the four DA candidates. Only Rick Reed has said that he will oppose the death penalty as the DA in Travis County. Austin American-Statesman has a very good article about the four candidates position on the death penalty. I will post the…read more