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Execution Watch: Miguel Paredes, Oct. 28

Miguel Paredes On Tuesday, Texas is slated to carry out its last execution of 2014, that of Miguel Paredes. Last month, Paredes gave Execution Watch an interview, which we will broadcast in its entirety. This edition of the show will air in Houston on the HD3 channel of KPFT FM because the station is in…read more

Execution Watch: Robert Campbell, May 13

Robert Campbell HUNTSVILLE, Texas – Oklahoma has put a hold on executions while its method of inducing death is investigated, but Texas intends to go forward Tuesday with executing Robert Campbell using lethal injection. Execution Watch will provide live coverage online and on the HD3 channel of  KPFT FM 90.1 Houston. RADIO SHOW PREVIEW Execution Watch Tuesday, May…read more

Execution Watch: Ramiro Hernandez, April 9

Ramiro Hernandez HUNTSVILLE, Texas – The planned execution Wednesday of Ramiro Hernandez came one step closer to reality when an appeals court ruled that Texas prison officials may continue to keep secret the source of the drug they’ve purchased to kill him. The 5th U.S. Circuit court of Appeals determined Monday that the drug was…read more

Execution Watch: Tommy Sells, April 3

Tommy Sells HUNTSVILLE, Texas — Tommy Sells is one of two death-row prisoners who prevailed recently in a lawsuit demanding that Texas prison officials disclose the source of the drugs used in lethal injections. But the court decision has not stopped the wheels of death from turning. Sells is slated for execution Thursday. RADIO SHOW…read more

Execution Watch: Anthony Doyle, March 27

Anthony Doyle By Execution Watch HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS – For the second time in as many weeks, Texas is preparing to execute a black man who was a teenager when he allegedly committed murder. Anthony Doyle is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to stay his execution, scheduled for Thursday. If the high court rules against him,…read more

Execution Watch: Ray Jasper, March 19

Ray Jasper By Execution Watch HUNTSVILLE, Texas – Ray Jasper, who gained international noteriety by writing to with his “final statement on earth,” is slated to be executed Wednesday. The radio show Execution Watch will provide live coverage of his execution and an analysis of his case. RADIO SHOW PREVIEW EXECUTION WATCH Unless a…read more

Execution Watch: Jamie McCoskey, Nov. 12

Jamie McCoskey HUNTSVILLE, Texas – Texas plans to execute a man Tuesday whose sentencing hearing included a presentation by a prosecution psychologist whose testing methods for developmental disability have since been debunked as unscientific. Execution Watch will air coverage of the state killing, plus a taped interview with the condemned, Jamie McCoskey. RADIO SHOW PREVIEW…read more

Execution Watch: Michael Yowell, October 9

A manacled Michael Yowell is escorted to court By Execution WatchHUNTSVILLE, Texas – A man with a history of mental illness is slated to be executed Wednesday over the objections of his appellate lawyers, who say he wouldn’t have been convicted and sentenced to death if his trial attorneys had represented him properly. Michael Yowell…read more

Execution Watch: Arturo Diaz, Sept. 26

Arturo Diaz talks with a KRGV TV reporter on death row. HUNTSVILLE, Texas – The Lone Star state, for the second time in as many weeks, plans Thursday to execute a poor Latino from the Rio Grande Valley. KPFT-FM’s Execution Watch will broadcast live coverage and commentary on the state killing of Arturo Diaz. RADIO…read more

Execution Watch: Douglas Feldman, July 31

Douglas Feldman By ExecutionWatch.orgHUNTSVILLE, Texas — Prison officials are preparing for the execution Wednesday of Douglas Feldman, a Dallas-area financial analyst who argued on appeal that his court-appointed attorneys were ineffective because they failed to give the jury evidence of his bipolar disorder. Unless Feldman receives a stay, Execution Watch will provide live radio coverage,…read more