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Did Chuck Rosenthal hide evidence?

Check out the following AP article and keep the following in mind: Chuck Rosenthal is guilty of hiding evidence when he prosecuted Ronnie E. Johnson for capital murder back in 1994. Six weeks before his execution, Lonnie‚Äôs lawyer and private investigator found missing evidence contained within police reports at the Harris County District Atorney’s office…read more

Lonnie Earl Johnson Foundation

PRESS RELEASE Lonnie Johnson was unlawfully executed on July 24, 2007 for killing two teenage boys on August 15, 1990. Six weeks prior to his death, his defense team found police reports hidden in Mr. Johnson’s prosecuting attorney’s file at the District Attorney’s office. The prosecuting attorney was then assistant District Attorney, Chuck Rosenthal. The…read more

The Economist: America's most vengeful prosecutor – You've got mail

Here is a recent article by the Economist Magazine about former Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal. The death penalty’s favourite district attorney resigns The biter bit HARRIS COUNTY, which encompasses Houston, is the most populous in Texas. Its district attorney is among the most powerful prosecutors in America. During seven years on the job, Chuck…read more