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Chicago Tribune: Quinn's courageous decision

The following is Chicago Tribune’s editorial in response to Gov. Quinn’s decision to sign the bill abolishing the death penalty in Illinois. Gov. Pat Quinn made history as quietly as possible Wednesday. In a private meeting with a small group of supporters, he signed into law a bill that abolished the death penalty in Illinois….read more

"I did feel some pressure from them, yes," says Former Chair of Texas Forensic Science Commission about Rick Perry

The Chicago Tribune, which wrote a lengthy article about Todd Willingham in December 2004 that first brought the case to national attention, has a new article quoting the replaced chair of the Texas Forensic Science Commission, Samuel Bassett, saying that Governor Rick Perry pressured the committee. Bassett told the Chicago Tribune that months earlier, he…read more

Texas Executed an Innocent Person: Cameron Todd Willingham

The Chicago Tribune is breaking the story that the investigator for the Texas Forensic Science Commission is going to report that the fire for which Cameron Todd Willingham was sentenced to death for setting to murder his children was an accidental fire and not arson. Willingham always maintained his innocence. If the TFSC takes the…read more