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Execution Watch: Balentine and Taylor

   John Balentine    Lee Taylor By Elizabeth Ann Stein Producer, Execution Watch HOUSTON — Texas is preparing to put to death two men: John Balentine Wednesday and Lee Taylor Thursday. Back-to-back executions are far from rare in the state that has carried out one-third of all U.S. executions since 1976, earning it the nickname…read more

Execution Watch: Gayland Bradford

Gayland Bradford By Elizabeth Ann SteinProducer, Execution Watch (HUNTSVILLE, Tex.) — Texas is preparing to put to death Gayland Bradford Wednesday in what is slated to be the first of four executions in Texas during June. Execution Watch will provide live radio coverage and analysis. Unless  Bradford receives a last-minute stay, the program will air…read more

Kerr execution to involve first TX use of pentobarbital

                                                     Cary Kerr has maintained his innocence By Elizabeth Ann SteinProducer, Execution Watch Texas plans to put to death Cary Kerr Tuesday with a lethal-injection formula that would mark the first use of the barbiturate pentobarbital by the nation’s busiest executioners.   Unless there is a stay, Execution Watch will broadcast coverage and commentary, beginning…read more

Former U.S. Army recruiter to be executed Jan. 11

Cleve “Sarge” Foster   By Elizabeth Ann SteinProducer, Execution Watch Tomorrow, the state controller will announce Texas’ deficit, estimated by others at $15 billion to $25 billion. The following day, Jan. 11, Texas will put to death former Army recruiter Cleve “Sarge” Foster at a total cost of $2.3 million over life in prison. Execution…read more

Tuesday targeted for 11th Texas execution in 2010

   John Alba with one of his nine grandchildren, in the death row visiting area of the Polunsky  prison unit, Livingston, Texas. By Elizabeth Stein, ProducerExecution Watch, KPFT FM Houston Texas plans Tuesday make John Alba the 11th man executed in 2010 in the Lone Star State, putting it on track to carry out half…read more

Protest the Execution of Hank Skinner March 24th

TEST THE DNA! Texas State Capitol at 5:30Wednesday, March 24th, pending a stay of execution11th and Congress So far, no decision has been issued by the Supreme Court or Governor Perry. Time is running out, and Texas needs to do the right thing and TEST THE DNA! WRITE, FAX OR CALL GOVERNOR RICK PERRY –…read more

Lynching Then, Lynching Now: The roots of racism and the death penalty in America

A National Speaking Tour of the CEDP. Austin, Texas Saturday Feb. 20 UT in Welch 3.502 Workshop with Alan Bean: 4:00 to 5:30Evening Panel Event: 6:30 to 8:00Panelists include: Alan Bean – Executive Director, Friends of Justice. Gordon – Associate Professor in Anthropology at UT-Austin and Chair of African and African Diaspora Studies Department.Sandra Reed…read more

‎Holiday Card Signing Party for Death-Row Inmates‎

Wednesday, December 3 at 7PMAt UT in Parlin, Room 302 Death Row is a horrible place. Prisoners are kept in their cells 23hours of the day without group recreation, education programs, oradequate food. This holiday season, the Campaign to End the DeathPenalty is trying to bring a little bit of joy to an otherwise bleakand…read more