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Sharon Keller's Court of Criminal Appeals Says Hearing on Death Penalty Constitutionality Must End

From the Austin American-Statesman: A Houston defendant cannot challenge the state’s death penalty laws as unconstitutional before his capital murder trial begins, the state’s highest court ruled today. John Edward Green Jr., charged with robbing and killing a Houston woman in 2008, had challenged the Texas death penalty law because “its application has created a…read more

Experts to Testify to Forensic Science Commission Friday in Todd Willingham Case

The Texas Forensic Science Commission will devote the entire January 7, 2011 meeting to the case of Todd Willingham. They are scheduled to hear testimony from arson experts, including Craig Beyler. The hearing starts at 9:30 AM, but members of Texas Moratorium Network, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement and…read more

No ruling yet on Keller appeal

Austin American-Statesman’s Chuck Lindell is reporting that The Texas Supreme Court, which announces its decisions every Friday, did not rule this morning on Judge Sharon Keller’s request to have her ethics rebuke thrown out. The Supreme Court also did not rule on Keller’s request for an emergency stay extending Monday’s deadline to file a more…read more

Statesman Editorial Says Hank Skinner Entitled to Delay for DNA Tests

Please call Gov Perry at (512) 463-2000 and urge him to stop the execution of Hank Skinner on March 24, 2010 by granting a 30-day stay of execution so that DNA evidence can be tested. Call anytime day or night and leave message on voice mail. Austin American-Statesman Editorial Board: If all goes as planned…read more

Opponents of death penalty take protest to the Capitol

The Austin American-Statesman has published the following story by Isadora Vail about the Justice Rally during the 2010 Anti-Death Penalty Spring Break. Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner’s husband is scheduled to be put to death Wednesday. On Thursday, she came to Austin to join about 100 other people on the Capitol steps to protest the death penalty in…read more

Statesman: "it's time to address state's flawed system"

“Death penalty: With doubts raised, it’s time to address state’s flawed system,” is the title of Austin American-Statesman‘s last editorial of 2009. Like the overdue family chat about the uncle everybody knows is not quite right, it’s time for Texas to talk about something many folks know is not quite right. Whether you support or…read more

March to Abolish the Death Penalty in the News

“Protesters voice concerns about death penalty,” is Bobby Longoria’s article in today’s The Daily Texan. Hundreds of signs adorned with crossed out nooses and photos of executed men were held by protestors on the steps of the state Capitol on Saturday as they called for the exoneration of executed Texas man Cameron Todd Willingham. Anti-death…read more

Letters to the Editor: Obstruction of justice?

The Austin American-Statesman has published several letters, including one from Allison Dieter of Texas Moratorium Network in response to Gov. Perry move to cover up the case of Cameron Todd Willingham. Obstruction of justice? Re: Oct. 1 article “Governor shakes up forensic agency.” The case of Cameron Todd Willingham is apparently scaring pro-capital punishment forces,…read more