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AJC: Troy Davis may be innocent

The following is Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s editorial on Troy Davis’ execution: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 If Troy Anthony Davis had occupied a higher rung on the social ladder, he probably would not have been convicted of murder in the August 1989 shooting death of a Savannah police officer. If Davis were a doctor or lawyer or…read more

Weekly roundup

PIcture: Matt Rainey/The Star Ledger The state of New Jersey will be voting in the coming weeks to abolish the death penalty and we are expecting it to pass. I know this because last Friday the New Jersey Assembly speaker, Joe Roberts held a press conference with Sister Helen Prejean announcing his support of the…read more

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Death penalty unfair, must be abolished

Atlanta Journal-Constitution has joined Chicago Tribune and Dallas Morning News by calling for abolition of the death penalty. Georgia’s death penalty law can and should be updated to try to wring as much unfairness as possible from the system, but reform can never eradicate the possibility of error, and it can never remove human bias…read more