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"48 Hours Mystery:" Grave Injustice

In full: Students help free a man 16 years after he’s sentenced to death. Richard Schlesinger reports. Read story. Click here to watch the full episode from 48 Hours Mystery about the case of Anthony Graves.

Graves: "I'm tired of the state kicking me."

By HARVEY RICEHOUSTON CHRONICLE GALVESTON — To Anthony Graves, the loss of a $250 speaking fee seemed like the final indignity heaped upon him by the state of Texas. Graves spent 18 years behind bars, 12 of them on death row, for a crime that prosecutors now say he didn’t do. After he was freed…read more

Texas Moratorium Network to Deliver $3,000 in Donations to Death Row Exoneree Anthony Graves Saturday November 20

Texas Moratorium Network will deliver $3,000 in donations to Anthony Graves on Saturday, November 20. The donations were collected from TMN’s supporters and friends who wanted to help Anthony after his recent exoneration from Texas Death Row. The donors include many people from across Texas, as well as people in other U.S. states and other countries….read more

Prosecutorial Misconduct Caused Anthony Graves to Be Wrongfully Sentenced to Death

“The prosecutor who was responsible for sending  Anthony Graves, an innocent man, to death row should be prosecuted for misconduct, including official oppression or other charges. In addition, legislators should enact a moratorium on executions in the next legislative session. A moratorium is the best way to ensure that needed reforms or implemented to prevent…read more