Supreme Court throws out 3 death sentences

The Supreme Court threw out death sentences from Texas because of problems with instructions given jurors who were deciding between life in prison and death. UT’s Capital Punishment Clinic and the Supreme Court Clinic represented all three cases. For more information about their success read Supreme Persuasion by Laura Castro. Capital Defense Weekly has more information on today’s SCOTUS ruling.

Quote of the day is from mayor Bloomberg in response to a reporter’s question about the case of Ronell Wilson, who was sentenced last week to die by lethal injection.

I’m opposed to the death penalty. How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t need the question every time there is one…You should write it down and share it with your associates. It’s not going to change. Okay? My position on every one of these things, you know what they are. Write it down, pull it out of the morgue, put it on your word processor, and hit the button and put it in.

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