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As you all know we are not going to have an answer until tomorrow from the BPP. What we need to do is contact any journalists or media contacts you have and ask them to call the Board members and ask them what is going on? Why is there even a decision to contemplate? As Keith Hampton mentioned earlier tonight at the Press conference in Austin – If clemency is denied to those who kill and also to those who do not – then who is it for? If they deny it to
Kenneth then they will be making a strong statement that clemency in Texas is truly non existent and the process is strictly a formality. We need journalists to call each member and get on their ass and state this to them and put the heat up a notch – make them know that if they dont do what is right the media will hold them accountable – each individual member (we
will know how each member votes). Below are the phone numbers to each of the board members. They must know they are being watched closely by the media and there
names will be all over the papers if they deliver an

Rissie Owens
Phone: (512) 936-6351
Phone: (936) 291-2161

Charles Aycock, Board Member
Phone: 806-359-7656

Linda Garcia

Jose L. Aliseda,

Juanita Gonzalez

Conrith Davis

Jackie DeNoyelles

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