Monthly Archives: November 30, 2013

Rest In Peace, Delbert L. Tibbs

“It really makes me believe the Great Spirit laid this trip on me so that I could bear witness of this terrible thing we call the deathpenalty in the U.S.” – Delbert Tibbs I Just found out that death-row survivor Delbert Tibbs passed away last night. I first met Delbert at the Fast and Vigil…read more

Execution Watch: Jamie McCoskey, Nov. 12

Jamie McCoskey HUNTSVILLE, Texas – Texas plans to execute a man Tuesday whose sentencing hearing included a presentation by a prosecution psychologist whose testing methods for developmental disability have since been debunked as unscientific. Execution Watch will air coverage of the state killing, plus a taped interview with the condemned, Jamie McCoskey. RADIO SHOW PREVIEW…read more

WCADP: Iran: The indiscriminate executions continue

World Coalition Against the Death Penalty 4 November 2013 Iran: The indiscriminate executions continue – The UN, EU and the International community must put the situation of the death penalty at the top of the agenda in their dialogue with Iran While the political climate between Iran and the international community has been improving since…read more