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Sarge Foster, Presente!

by Gloria Rubac Tonight the state of Texas murdered a man who was my friend and a friend to so many all over the country and the world. Cleve “Sarge” Foster was a son to Mary, a father to Michael, a grandfather to Yuri, a father-in-law to Rowan and brother to Susie and a number…read more

Texas executed Sarge Cleve Foster tonight

It was so hard for Sarge’s son Michael to let his father go. Michael and Sarge loved each other and this death will hurt so many for so long.Picture by Gloria Rubac

Execution Watch: Cleve 'Sarge' Foster 9/25

Cleve ‘Sarge’ Foster HUNTSVILLE, Texas — Undeterred by its three futile attempts last year to execute Cleve “Sarge” Foster, Texas is trying a fourth time. The state responsible for one-third of all U.S. executions in the modern era intends to put the Army veteran to death Tuesday for participating in a murder for which his…read more

Execution Watch: Robert Harris 9/20

Robert Harris Texas plans to execute Thursday a man whose attorneys say he is mentally impaired and therefore ineligible for execution.  Unless the courts intervene, Robert Harris will be strapped to a gurney and put to death with a deliberate drug overdose. Execution Watch will broadcast coverage and analysis, including reporting from outside the death…read more