Monthly Archives: October 31, 2011

CEDP National Convention in Austin, TX

The Prison System is the New Jim Crow The CEDP”s 11th Annual Convention November 11-13 At Ventana Del Soul 1834 East Oltorf, Austin, Texas Register at: This November, the Campaign to End the Death Penalty is headed straight to the belly of the beast—Texas—for a weekend of struggle and organizing! The murder of Troy Davis…read more

Execution Watch: Frank Garcia

Frank Garcia is to be executed Thursday By Elizabeth Ann SteinProducer, Execution Watch Dozens of San Antonio Police officers will travel by chartered bus Thursday to Huntsville, Texas, to stand outside the death house while Frank Garcia is put to death. Execution Watch will provide live coverage and commentary of the case and the execution…read more

Evidentiary Hearing Granted to Evaluate New Evidence Regarding the Actual Innocence of Robert Gene Will

______________________________________________________________________ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 19, 2011 Contact           Dawn Bremer per pro Robert Will Phone              713-294-3649 Email:    Join us:   LIVINGSTON, TX –– On October 19, 2011 a limited evidentiary hearing will take place for Robert Will who has resided on Death Row for 9 years. Robert Will has always maintained his innocence and…read more

A message from Sister Helen Prejean

The following is Sister Helen Prejean’s fundraising appeal for Witness to Innocence Dear Friends and Supporters of Witness to Innocence: Over the years I have been asked to write a hundred or more fundraising letters on behalf of many worthy organizations and causes.  I’ve said “yes” to many of these requests and “no” to a…read more

Execution Watch: Todd Willingham Redux

Cameron Todd Willingham, executed 2004 By Elizabeth SteinProducer, Execution Watch Execution Watch’s first-ever special edition will air today, Wednesday, Oct. 5, at 6 p.m. Central Time on KPFT 90.1 FM Houston, with discussion and analysis of the Todd Willingham case. The Willingham story is not over. We’ll talk about why. We hope you’ll join us….read more