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Houston’s Activist Community Welcomed Anthony Graves

On Sunday, June 26, a group of eighty Houston activists and community members came out to hear the incredible story of injustice and the courageous and fighting words of Anthony Graves about his long journey to freedom. The event was sponsored by the Witness to Innocence and the Death Penalty Abolition Movement at the SHAPE…read more

Houston’s Activist Community Welcomes Anthony Graves

GIVE A WARM HOUSTON WELCOME TO TEXAS DEATH ROW EXONEREE ANTHONY GRAVES! WHO:  Houston’s Activist Community Welcomes Anthony Graves, a Survivor of Texas Death Row and the Criminal Injustice System WHAT:  Community Forum & Reception WHEN:  Sunday, June 26, 2011, 2:00 P.M. WHERE:  SHAPE Center’s Harambee Bldg., 3903 Almeda Road, Houston, 77004 SPONSORED BY: Texas…read more

Execution Watch: Milton Mathis

Milton Mathis’s execution is set for Tuesday     By Elizabeth Ann Stein, Producer, Execution Watch HUNTSVILLE, Texas — When he arrived in prison, Milton Mathis scored 62 on an IQ test, well below the threshold of 70 that is a widely accepted indication of retardation.   The Supreme Court has banned as cruel and…read more

Clarence Brandley Compensation Press Conference Videos

A press conference was held by Clarence Brandley and his supporters at 4:00 PM Wednesday, May 18, 2011, at the S.H.A.P.E. Center Harambee Building, 3903 Almeda, 77004 to denounce Texas’ denial of compensation for the ten years he wrongfully spent on death row. In a letter dated May 12, 2011, the Texas Comptroller’s office sent…read more

The Lancet tells Lundbeck: “It is time to stop issuing platitudes…”

By The Pentobarbital Experiment June 14, 2011 – Who Is The Killer? On June 9th, the Lancet, the renowned medical journal of reference, posted on its website an open letter to Mr. Ulf Wiinberg, CEO of Lundbeck. This letter, signed by 63 medical professionals, outlines a number of strong arguments to demonstrate, if need be,…read more

Execution Watch: Balentine and Taylor

   John Balentine    Lee Taylor By Elizabeth Ann Stein Producer, Execution Watch HOUSTON — Texas is preparing to put to death two men: John Balentine Wednesday and Lee Taylor Thursday. Back-to-back executions are far from rare in the state that has carried out one-third of all U.S. executions since 1976, earning it the nickname…read more

Texas: Summer Execution Countdown

Good grief!!! This looks like a crisis for Texas. There are now 12 people, a full dozen, that have been given execution dates for this year.  And it is only June. We hope that all of them can get a stay, but the reality is that most will not. Lawyers have told us that there…read more