Monthly Archives: November 25, 2010

Be Thankful You're Not On Death-Row

From Texas Moratorium Network Be thankful you are not here today, a typical cell on Texas death row. “I experienced the dark side of our criminal justice system, and I just think because of my experience I can bring some light to it,” Graves said. “Whatever you think hell is to you, that was my…read more

Nanon Williams Ordered Released !!!

NEED SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR? Abolition Movement member Lucha Rodriguez just received a phone call from Morris Moon, one of several attorneys for former death row prisoner Nanon Williams and he told her that Federal Judge Nancy Atlas has today ordered Nanon released from prison.On August 17 Judge Atlas held a de novo on…read more

Video of Interview with Anthony Graves After He Received $3,000 in Donations from Texas Moratorium Network

From Texas Moratorium Network: Click here to watch video of Anthony Graves accepting $3,000 in donations from TMN’s president Scott Cobb and then speaking with reporters and supporters on the TMN Facebook Page.Texas Moratorium Network and friends delivered $3,000 in donations to Anthony Graves that were collected from TMN’s supporters and friends from across Texas,…read more

Pflugerville Pflag Front Page Story on Anthony Graves Receiving Donations From TMN

From Texas Moratorium Network: The Pflugerville Pflag published an excellent story today on Anthony Graves receiving $3,000 in donations from Texas Moratorium Network and friends, which we delivered Saturday. They are a weekly newspaper and this edition came out today. Pflugerville Pflag Story on Death Row Exoneree Anthony Graves Receiving $3,000 in Donations from Texas…read more

Texas Moratorium Network to Deliver $3,000 in Donations to Death Row Exoneree Anthony Graves Saturday November 20

Texas Moratorium Network will deliver $3,000 in donations to Anthony Graves on Saturday, November 20. The donations were collected from TMN’s supporters and friends who wanted to help Anthony after his recent exoneration from Texas Death Row. The donors include many people from across Texas, as well as people in other U.S. states and other countries….read more

Call for Submissions for Poems and Artwork for a Chapbook

Call for Submissions poems and artwork for a chapbook[1] of poetry that will be published March 2011. We are looking for Poems and artwork in any style by: Ø  murder victims’ family members Ø  death row exonerees Ø  current death row inmates Ø  works written by a murder victim or victim of the death penalty…read more