Monthly Archives: October 19, 2010

Texas Death Penalty Blog Makes List of Top 50 Death Penalty Blogs

The website Criminal Justice Degree has created a list of the Top 50 Death Penalty Blogs. We are glad to see that the Students Against the Death Penalty’s Texas Death Penalty blog made the list. The list contains a special section listing leading blogs in Texas dealing with the death penalty and we are glad…read more

The Last Road – 2010 Texas Journey of Hope

This blog is being written during the Texas 2010 Journey of Hope. The words are inciteful, beautiful, and challenging. They are being written by a person whose first language in not English, yet he captures the essence of Texas’ history, use of the death penalty, and violence. Please read and subscribe to the blog.  …read more

A synopsis of the Danny Meehan Murder Case

Orange County, Texas Judge Pat Clark, in 1996, had issued a severe temporary Restraining Order on one Mark Pieruccini, for attacking his wife, Selma. Mark was a Navy submarine man, an avid gun collector and gun expert. Days before the final hearing on that Order, Mark sweet talked Selma into dropping the charges. The next…read more

Texas Book Festival Panel on Capital Punishment in America (Saturday 4-5 PM)

Witness to an Execution: Capital Punishment in America with Thomas Cahill, David R. Dow, and Robert K. Elder at the Texas Book Festival in Austin. Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010Time: 4:00 – 5:00Location: C-SPAN/Book TV Tent on grounds of Texas Capitol in Austin As the state well-known for executing the most number of prisoners, Texas…read more

Disgraced Sharon Keller to Run for Re-election; Gloats that She "Won" Despite Fact That Case Thrown Out on Technicality

Sharon Keller says she plans to run for re-election in 2012. From the Dallas Morning News Editorial Board:  “the technical victory doesn’t erase the commission’s written conclusion that Keller had cast “public discredit on the judiciary.” From Texas Lawyer: Breaking her silence after three years, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller says…read more

News Coverage of Today's Court of Inquiry in Todd Willingham Case

News reports of today’s Court of Inquiry hearing in Todd Willingham innocence case. The New York Times reports in Family’s Effort to Clear Name Frames Debate on Executions: But they also say that the hearing is more than symbolic — it could cast in a new light the Lone Star State’s record on executions. And…read more