Monthly Archives: August 13, 2010

No ruling yet on Keller appeal

Austin American-Statesman’s Chuck Lindell is reporting that The Texas Supreme Court, which announces its decisions every Friday, did not rule this morning on Judge Sharon Keller’s request to have her ethics rebuke thrown out. The Supreme Court also did not rule on Keller’s request for an emergency stay extending Monday’s deadline to file a more…read more

URGENT ACTION APPEAL: Legal concern/Juvenile at risk of life without parole

To learn about recent Urgent Action successes and updates, go to —————————— —-For a print-friendly version of this Urgent Action (PDF): Note: Please write on behalf of these persons even though you may not have received the original UA when issued on April 28, 2010. Thanks!10 August 2010 Further information on UA 97/10 (28…read more

North Carolina Racial Justic Act

The Racial Justice ActThe NC Racial Justice Act was signed into law on August 11, 2009. The Act allows defendants facing the death penalty to present evidence of racial bias, including statistics, in court. Anyone on death row who files a claim must do so by August 10. If a death row inmate proves discrimination…read more

Paul Burka on the Todd Willingham Case

President Lyndon Johnson, speaking about the Vietnam War, once remarked to an aide, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost America.” Paul Burka, who writes for Texas Monthly, may be no Walter Cronkite (and who is these days?), but his take on the Todd Willingham case in his column on July 27 is an indication that…read more

Mandatory death penalty unconstitutional: Kenya Court of Appeal

In a landmark decision delivered on Friday, the Court of Appeal of Kenya declared the mandatory death penalty for murder to be unconstitutional.  This decision will benefit all prisoners presently under sentence of death.  The ruling follows the recent decisions from Uganda and Malawi restricting the use of the death penalty in accordance with contemporary human rights standards….read more