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14 Shocking Facts That Prove the Criminal Justice System Is Racist

The following is Prof. Bill Quingly’s 14 shocking facts for AlterNet that proves our criminal justice system is racist. While these might sound shocking to some of you, it doesn’t sound so shocking to those of us anti-death penalty activist who witness this racism on daily basis. The biggest crime in the U.S. criminal justice…read more

TFSC panel must resist Bradley's efforts at sabotage

Todd Willingham’s cousin (Particia Willingham Cox), and the Innocence Project’s Barry Scheck have published the following op ed on Tuesday’s Houston Chronicle accusing John Bradley, the Williamson County DA and Perry’s appointed puppet to the Texas Forensic Science Commission of trying to halt the investigation of the science in old arson cases. In May 2006,…read more

Todd Willingham's Lawyer Walter Reaves on What to Expect at Friday's Meeting of the Forensic Science Commission: They will "avoid actually doing anything"

Todd Willingham’s last lawyer, Walter Reaves, has written a blog post on what he expects at Friday’s meeting of the Texas Forensic Science Commission in Houston: I was going to talk about the ridiculousness about the recent memo from the Texas Forensic Science Commission.  Basically, the memo says they don’t have jurisdiction to do anything….read more

Texas Forensic Science Commission Meeting Friday in Houston; Scheck and Todd Willingham's Cousin Say Panel Must Resist Chair's Efforts at Sabotage

The Texas Forensic Science Commission has posted its agenda for its meeting in Houston on July 23, 2010 at the Doubletree Houston Intercontinental Airport, 15747 JFK Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77032 (Map and directions). The meeting starts at 9:30 AM, but is expected to last all day and the public comment period will be at the…read more

Texas Set to Execute 462nd Person Since 1982; 223rd Under Governor Rick Perry

Today, July 20, 2010 Texas is set to execute Derrick Jackson. He would be the 462nd person executed in Texas since 1982 and the 223rd person since Rick Perry became governor. He would be the 15th person executed in Texas in 2010. Call Governor Perry and express your opposition to the death penalty 512 463-2000. Email Perry using…read more

Jackson slated for death after 18 years on Row

   Derrick Jackson By Elizabeth SteinProducer, Execution Watch HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS — A man condemned on evidence called into question by a probe of the Houston Police Department’s crime lab is scheduled to be put to death Tuesday. Unless Derrick Jackson is fortunate enough to receive a stay, Execution Watch will provide coverage. RADIO PROGRAM PREVIEW…read more