Monthly Archives: April 23, 2010

Texas Executed 453rd Person Since 1982; 214th Under Governor Rick Perry

Texas executed its 453rd person since 1982 and the 214th person since Governor Rick Perry took office in 2000. The next Texas execution is April 27 when Samuel Bustamante is set to die. From the Houston Chronicle: A Texas inmate convicted of fatally shooting an El Paso high school senior after robbing and sexually assaulting her…read more

Execution Watch: William Joseph Berkley

  Texas plans to execute German native William Josef Berkley Thursday. Execution Watch will provide live coverage from Huntsville, present a legal analysis of the case, and interview Arizona death row exoneree Paris Carriger.   No punishment is the subject of more propaganda than the death penalty. The truth is in the details, and that’s what…read more

American Exceptionalism Jeopardy

This project is about the theory of American Exceptionalism which gives reasons as to why the US still uses the death penalty. The goal of this project is to inform the public about the death penalty in America and get feedback about the information we present. The project is set up as a PowerPoint and…read more

Houston Sends Someone to Death Row for First Time Since 2007

Harris County (Houston) today sent someone to death row for first time in two years. Death sentences have been declining for more than a decade across the country, but now there is one more. The last time Harris County sent someone to death row was November 2007. According to a report from the Death Penalty Information…read more

Tonight in Houston: Lynching Then, Lynching Now

Wednesday, April 14, 7pm, at the Univ of Houston, Central Campus, University Center A National Speaking Tour of the CEDP Panelists include: Mark Clements –  Police torture victim and former IL juvenile life without parole prisoner Lily Hughes – Longstanding anti-death penalty activist and CEDP board member Njeri Shakur – Longstanding anti-death penalty activist and organizer for the Abolition…read more