Monthly Archives: October 19, 2009

Rick Perry's Chief of Staff Writes Dishonest Letter-to-Editor Regarding Release of Todd Willingham Execution Memos

The Chief of Staff of Governor Rick Perry, Ray Sullivan, has a letter-to-the-editor in today’s Longview News-Journal criticizing the paper’s Wednesday editorial in which the paper criticized Perry for refusing to release all the documents in the Todd Willingham case that would show whether and to what extent the Governor considered the information given to…read more

Aidan Quinn Performs a Scene from "The Exonerated"

At the Innocence Project Celebration of Freedom & Justice, Aidan Quinn performed the Kerry Max Cook story from the award-winning Broadway play “The Exonerated.” For more on wrongful convictions and stories of people exonerated after serving years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit, visit

Kentucky Journey of Hope

The Journey of Hope will have a team in Kentucky, November 2-5, 2009. Shujaa Graham, murder victim family member and exonerated death row inmate, Terri Steinburg, a mother whose has a young son, Jason, on death row in Virginia, and Bill Pelke, murder victims family member and president of the Journey of Hope will conduct…read more

Texas Execution Looms After Jury Consult Bible

A Texas man who faces execution after jurors at his trial consulted the Bible when deliberating his fate should have his death sentence commuted, Amnesty International said on Friday [October 9, 2009]. Khristian Oliver, 32, is set to be killed on 5 November after jurors used Biblical passages supporting the death penalty to help them…read more

"I did feel some pressure from them, yes," says Former Chair of Texas Forensic Science Commission about Rick Perry

The Chicago Tribune, which wrote a lengthy article about Todd Willingham in December 2004 that first brought the case to national attention, has a new article quoting the replaced chair of the Texas Forensic Science Commission, Samuel Bassett, saying that Governor Rick Perry pressured the committee. Bassett told the Chicago Tribune that months earlier, he…read more

Reginald Blanton's Statement from Yesterday's Rally in San Antonio

Despite me being torn away from what was then my budding family, torn from my dreams, and wrongly arrested; despite the way Detective Matjeka terrorized my mind in his office; the way he yelled in my face and said, “They are going to stick a needle in your arm and you are goingto die!” All…read more